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Hormone Optimization

Hormone Optimization Treats the Root Cause of Age-Related Female Health Issues

Everybody ages, but not everyone takes advantage of therapies that can treat many symptoms of aging. When we age, our hormone levels decline, and symptoms of this decline begin to impact our general health. Women often begin to notice the decline in hormone levels which are manifested in menopausal and peri-menopausal symptoms:

  • diminished sexual response
  • lack of interest in sex
  • hot flashes
  • depression and anxiety
  • weight gain and loss of muscle tone
  • low energy with tired feeling
  • vaginal dryness and pain
  • loss of bone density
  • and more…

The root cause of all of these symptoms is a shift in hormones, including the loss of first progesterone followed by a loss of testosterone and estrogen.  These hormones are related to many more of the body’s functions than simply menstrual cycles, reproduction and sexual response. As women age, these hormone levels naturally decline, impacting the brain and nervous system, the heart, reproductive system, bone density, skin, the urinary system and vaginal health.

Hormone Optimization | AgeWell

Female hormone replacement therapy also addresses the more general symptoms of hormonal imbalance, such as loss of muscle tone, weight gain, declining energy levels, and loss of motivation and focus. The hormone optimization programs that anti-aging doctor Amy Garza implements address the individual needs and symptoms of each of our patients.

Female Hormone Replacement Therapy is Uniquely Tailored to You

Dr. Amy Garza and the staff at AgeWell provide patients with a full range of hormone replacement therapy options for women during the initial consult. Because we have already analyzed patient lab samples prior to the first office visit, we are able to begin treating the root cause of symptoms during that initial trip to the clinic.

Treating hormonal imbalance in women is not just limited to a focus on replacing estrogen or testosterone. The symptoms of declining progesterone are often the first things our female patients notice.  Additionally, chemical compounds such as cortisol, thyroid and vitamin D often factor into the overall picture, too. After all, women are progressively asked to juggle more and more and it can take a toll on their emotional and physical heath.  At AgeWell, each of these important hormones are evaluated through thorough patient interviews and in-depth lab evaluations.

AgeWell offers a number of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) programs for women, including Pro-Pell hormone pellet therapy. Dr. Garza is a certified Pro-Pell provider with exclusive training on the administration of this type of hormone pellet therapy. The universe of therapies that can be custom-tailored to the female patient’s biology and needs are discussed in detail in the Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Pro-Pell Therapy sections.

Female Hormone Optimization for All of the Signs of Aging

AgeWell examines the whole picture of female patient health. By focusing on the individual patient’s specific lifestyle, medical history, labs and overall health, Dr. Garza tailors a natural hormone replacement therapy regimen that can slow the signs and symptoms of aging and restore energy, focus, sexual vitality for overall good health.

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Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy enables women experiencing the negative symptoms of menopause to feel more energetic, more sexually vibrant, pain-free and healthier overall.

Contact us to find out more about female hormone replacement therapy at the AgeWell anti-aging center offices in Amarillo, Texas.

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