Say hi to your body’s messengers.

Our bodies use chemical messengers, called hormones, to send important information to all its various parts. These microscopic messengers carry vital signals for bodily functions, including metabolism, reproduction, growth, and so much more. Since hormones are responsible for critical physical tasks at the cellular level, the amount of hormone circulating through the body needs to be “just right.” It is this personalized, ideal level that we focus on at AgeWell. We know each of our patients is unique and, therefore, so is their best hormone level.

What is Hormone Therapy?

Hormone therapy involves first identifying the baseline levels of certain hormones in the blood. While the broad term indicates treatment for ANY hormone, at AgeWell, our therapies primarily revolve around specific sex and metabolic hormones. These hormones include insulin, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid. A staggering number of men and women over the age of 35 need hormone therapy and many don’t realize hormonal fluctuations are at the core of their problems. Often weight, mood, and sexual concerns may be the first things people start to notice. If these are among the health concerns you are having, your hormones may be to blame.

Declining sex hormones are often the driving force for seeking help as the signs and symptoms of declining health sneak up. Patients often think that it must be the low estrogen and/or low testosterone to blame. This is often referred to as hormone REPLACEMENT therapy; hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for women in menopause and testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for men in their 40s and beyond.  While there are many hormone replacement options, at AgeWell, we focus on using bioidentical hormones to replace those a patient lacks.  This is an important distinction as synthetic hormones are not a genuine replacement but rather a substitution for the hormones a patient once had. 

Sometimes It’s About Reducing Hormone Levels

While many think of hormone therapy as merely adding hormones or treatment with hormone supplementation, some forms of hormone therapy involve reducing hormones in the blood. A primary example of this is insulin. Hyperinsulinemia, or too much insulin in the blood, is a HUGE problem in our country. Unfortunately, the governmental food guidelines have for years recommended a diet that leads to this problem, and Americans are growing increasingly overweight. At AgeWell, we have a passion for teaching patients how to identify if insulin is a problem for them and how to control that problem.

How Do I Know If I Need Hormone Therapy?

Hormone therapy is a process that is individualized and is based on each person’s specific lab results in combination with their symptoms. Before visiting one of our providers, each patient will have a full label panel drawn to evaluate this “numbers” side of the problem carefully. Once the lab values are obtained, we will take the time to go over each lab value, looking to give you the specialized care you deserve. The goal of hormone therapy is to have each patient feeling their best, and this optimization of hormones is not tied to “normal” hormone lab levels.

Hormone therapy helps men and women feeling frustrated with their body, mood, sleep, and more! You can feel more energetic, alive, and sexually vibrant. You can live pain-free and confident. Contact us to learn more about hormone replacement therapy’s benefits and see if it is right for you.


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