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* On the corner of 34th and Bell, directly behind Hobby Lobby.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

Our office does not work with insurance companies as we want to be as transparent as possible about pricing.  This allows our patients to know exactly what things will cost each step of the way with no surprises. Insurance can be tricky in this regard, and frankly, it doesn’t help reduce the cost of most of our services.  In fact, our cash prices on labs often save our patients hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. 

What brand of pellets do you use?

Testosterone pellets, with one FDA-approved exception called Testopel, are compounded in a specialty compounding pharmacy.  They, therefore, are not branded.  Choice of compounding pharmacy is critical in pellet quality and consistency, and for that reason, AgeWell uses strict criteria when choosing where to source pellets.   Our pellets are of the highest quality containing only testosterone and a small amount of cholesterol as a binder to help them hold shape. You may have heard of pellet “brands,” but these names refer to the program around which a provider may follow to dose hormones or offer supporting additions to the therapy, rather than the brand of pellet itself.  This means that you can have received hormone pellets in the past without success and could still benefit from pellets in the future with a different dosing approach.

I had a bad experience with pellets, can I still get testosterone?

Testosterone replacement therapy is available in many different forms.  Just as nausea medicine can be taken as a liquid, a dissolvable tablet, a suppository, or other methods, so can hormone replacement therapy.  There are many different options when it comes to replenishing your hormones, some of which include injections, creams, patches, sprays, pellets, and more.  At AgeWell, we are happy to discuss with you the options available and will help you decide which method is the best fit for you.  And the good news is if one method doesn’t suit you, changing the way you take your hormones is always an option.  There are lots of right ways to replace hormones. 

Do you use bioidentical hormones at AgeWell?

Terminology can be tricky when it comes to hormone replacement therapy.  First and foremost, we want our patients to have hormones that are fully recognized by the human body.  This means we always prefer to use bioidentical hormones over synthetic hormones.  It is important to understand that bioidentical hormones are available commercially at big-name pharmacies as well as at smaller compounding pharmacies.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each, and at your consultation, your provider will discuss which type of hormone prescription is the best fit for you.  


Do you see men and women at AgeWell?

Yes! We are passionate about helping men, women and couples feel their best at every age.  We often see couples together in one two-hour long appointment so each patient gets the full time and attention they deserve. 

What labs are included in the pre-consultation blood draw?

We take a comprehensive look at your hormones and metabolic health.  We will review:

Complete Blood Count, Complete Metabolic Panel,TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), FreeT3, Free T4, Vitamin D, Vitamin B-12, homocystein, ferritin, HS-CRP, Cholesterol Panel, Fasting Insulin, Hemglobin A1C, Uric Acid, DHEA-S, Estradiol, Testosterone Total & Free, Prostate Specific Antigen (for men) and Progesterone (for women).