Vampire Procedures

Vampire Procedures- Dr. Amy Garza is a Certified Provider

The world of cosmetic procedures can be confusing. It seems there’s always some new type of filler, compound or procedure that promises miracles. Many of us are curious about their benefits, but we do not trust the process, and the fact that many procedures use unnatural compounds.

Enter the Vampire Procedures. Developed by Dr. Charles Runels, MD, The Vampire Procedures are safe cosmetic procedures that help to thicken and grow the skin and stimulate blood flow, enabling you to enjoy a refreshed, glowing, younger look for longer. The process uses a patient’s own blood transformed into Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), which has been shown to revitalize, heal and rejuvenate distressed areas of the body by actually stimulating new tissue growth. Vampire Procedures are the revolutionary way to bring out your own natural beauty—naturally and from the inside. The way it works is simple. Your own blood cells are centrifuged to concentrate the blood’s platelets and natural growth agents. This Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP, is then used to treat the specific areas that you wish to have improved, by a simple injection, or micro needling.

The Vampire Procedures Dr. Garza offers at her AgeWell clinic include Vampire Facial®, Vampire Face Lift®, Vampire Breast Lift®, and Vampire Wing Lift® . Dr. Garza also provides PRP therapy for hair thinning and loss at her AgeWell practiceAnti-aging doctor Dr. Amy Garza is the very first certified Vampire Procedures provider in the Amarillo, Texas area. The Vampire Procedures Dr. Garza offers at her AgeWell clinic include Vampire Facial®, Vampire Face Lift®, Vampire Breast Lift®, and Vampire Wing Lift® . Dr. Garza also provides PRP therapy for hair loss at her AgeWell practice in Amarillo.

Look Years Younger, Naturally

The PRP process used in Vampire Procedures helps make patients look years younger by stimulating skin and tissue growth and increasing blood flow to the targeted area. PRP therapy actually makes the blood vessels work harder to increase blood flow in the areas you want to improve, just like they did when you were younger.


Vampire Procedures have become wildly popular in developed aesthetic markets on the coasts, and Dr. Amy Garza is introducing the benefits of this process at AgeWell. These procedures are safe without dangerous side effects as they put your own cells to work to grow and replenish your skin. And the process keeps working, producing new tissue long after the procedure is over

Dr. Garza and all providers of the Vampire Facelift® and the Vampire Facial® procedures must be licensed by the Cellular Medicine Association. The Vampire Procedures use specific methods, including using an FDA approved centrifuge designed for allowing blood to be put back into the body. Providers deviating from these methods risk causing serious harm.


The PRP therapy of Vampire Procedures has been used in different skin and body applications, such as the face and breasts. It’s also found to be very effective in treating hair loss in men and women. Here are the Vampire Procedures available at Dr. Amy Garza’s AgeWell practice in Amarillo, Texas.

All of this means that an apple today is not even close to the apple of yesterday. While there is a strong movement towards whole, organic foods, it’s difficult, and expensive, to comply with that sort of regimen. So what’s one to do?

Vampire Facial

Made famous in 2013 when Kim Kardashian underwent the then relatively unknown procedure, the Vampire Facial® uses a combination of micro needling and PRP to stimulate growth, neural activity, blood flow and the body’s natural “healing” agents to refresh, revive and rejuvenate the skin of the face. This procedure leaves skin with a youthful glow that continues to emerge two to three months after the procedure is over. And the benefits of the Vampire Facial® extend up to two years afterwards.  While results are noticeable with only one treatment, best results are seen with a series of three treatments separated by three to four weeks.


Dr. Garza and all providers of the Vampire Facelift® and the Vampire Facial® procedures must be licensed by the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association. Because the Vampire Procedures use specific methods, and those providers deviating from those methods could cause serious harm.

Vampire Facial Lift

Like the Vampire Facial®, the Vampire Facelift® procedure doesn’t use any surgical methods; there is no cutting at all. The Vampire Facelift® uses the regenerative cells that are isolated from the patient’s own blood by centrifuging. These cells are introduced back into the skin of the face via injection. While the Vampire Facial® uses micro needling, the Vampire Facelift® uses a combination of PRP and a hyaluronic acid filler, like Juvederm®, in more site-specific injections.  This creates a scaffolding for the new collagen growth that is stimulated, giving way to total facial rejuvenation with a healthy, young, and vibrant look. By focusing on the “trouble spots” identified by the patient, the doctor can introduce the PRP “Vampire Magic” into those specific areas. The results are a natural look with skin that is strengthened and thickened with a very noticeable youthful glow.

Vampire Breast Lift

“Breast lift” procedures have been around in different forms for many years. By using PRP in the Vampire Breast Lift® women get natural, fuller looking breasts without a surgical procedure. The Vampire Breast Lift® can even greatly improve nipple sensitivity with amazing results.  Most women, after getting the Vampire Breast Lift®, have reported increased sensation in the nipples that has been lost following a surgical procedure or after having breastfed children.


PRP is injected into the breast in various areas to help stimulate tissue growth. This procedure can help add to a woman’s cleavage, lift droopy skin on the breasts, increase sensation in the nipples, and smooth and polish skin. The Vampire Breast Lift® is a safe procedure that requires no recuperation time. The procedure helps to make the breast more rounded, better shaped and more polished, making cleavage look better and more full. While not a replacement for breast augmentation, the Vampire Breast Lift® is a wonderful way to finely shape the female breast and smooth the skin around the cleavage and décolletage for a beautifully youthful look.

Vampire Wing Lift

The Vampire Wing Lift® uses PRP to  rejuvenate the female labia by filling and lifting them back to a more youthful shape. As women age the skin of the labia majora often gets thin, causing a drooping or loose appearance. The Vampire Wing Lift® works like the other Vampire Procedures giving new blood and tissue growth to the labia so they become more full and smoother in appearance. The Vampire Wing Lift® often includes a hyaluronic filler such as Juvederm® to increase the fullness of the look. Women who have had this procedure typically comment that it has boosted their sexual confidence and restored a youthful vibrancy to their sexual relationships.

PRP Therapy For Hair Loss

PRP Therapy uses the body’s own blood growth factors to grow back the natural hair in patients who have experienced significant thinning. Unlike topical formulations that often take months and months to work, and even then are minimally effective, PRP Therapy helps grow hair back quickly and effectively. When injected into the scalp, the growth factors in the platelet-rich plasma from patient’s own blood stimulate the follicles back to life, making hair grow instead of falling out or thinning. PRP Therapy for hair loss can have very dramatic results, including new, thicker hair growth, with no more thin or bald spots and no side effects.


While many see results after only one treatment, PRP treatments for the scalp are typically done in a year-long package for optimum results.  Patients receive injected PRP once a month for 4 months with two remaining treatments spaced approximately three months apart.  Patients augment their results when they combine PRP treatments with Theradome, a specially formulated laser hat for targeting hair follicles.

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