Weight Loss

Weight Control is Not a Calorie Problem. It’s a Hormone Problem.

It is not your fault. Whether you are tired of feeling like the pounds won’t stop creeping on, or your doctor has told you weight loss is necessary, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with nowhere to start. That’s why AgeWell is here to help. With hormone expertise, Dr. Amy Garza and Jennifer Soto are passionate about helping you understand the real reason you gain weight and how to take action – not only to stop the weight gain but also to create weight loss.

Our Approach to Weight Loss

Because of their own personal weight struggles, Dr. Garza and Jennifer have researched nutrition, fitness, psychology, and weight control for over 25 years. Although research studies and science in this field have been around for over 100 years, conventional medicine, pharmaceutical companies, and the government have made it challenging to navigate the facts.
You may be surprised to know that since the early 1900s, scientists have known that the “eat less and move more” method of weight management alone DOES NOT WORK. You likely already know this from your attempts at weight loss.
As medical providers, Dr. Garza and Jennifer do, at times, use pharmaceutical interventions to assist patients. However, this is not the norm. Once a patient understands the true origin of obesity, they can finally take back control of their appetite without costly medicines, weight loss supplements, and fake foods.

A Comprehensive Weight Loss Philosophy

AgeWell’s weight loss philosophy focuses on educating patients and helping them implement the strategies they learn. She does not believe in quick overnight fixes – no bars, shakes, or fake food necessary. In her expert opinion, steady weight loss built around a lifestyle that can be maintained is how weight loss will last a lifetime. You will learn the role that your food plays in your hunger and why, in many cases, you don’t gain weight because you are hungry – you are hungry because you gain weight. What you eat controls your hormones, which, in turn, controls your appetite.
Four components impact weight gain and loss:
What you eat
When you eat
How much you eat
Why you eat
Most people have a misunderstanding about which is the most important for them. You will likely need to pull several of these levers to see progress on your weight loss goals. AgeWell will help you navigate this daunting task.
Given both media and conventional medicine, this is no surprise. Simply shifting your focus more to when you eat rather than what or how much will finally allow you to see the changes you have been fighting for. What you eat does matter a large bit, and at AgeWell, you will learn the tenets of a nutritionally sound diet that is right for you. Dr. Garza and Jennifer take the time to teach their patients how to take the general science-based principles and create a personalized plan to manage their weight.

To consult with the providers at AgeWell about your weight concerns, contact our office today and finally FEEL AMAZING in a BODY YOU LOVE.


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