Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Optimization and the Root Cause of Age-Related Male Health Issues

Every man ages, but not everyone takes advantage of therapies that can treat many symptoms of aging. Naturally, a man’s testosterone level will trend downward after its peak in younger years. When the signs and symptoms begin to impact everyday health, men notice.

Since testosterone is known best as a sex hormone, men often notice diminished sexual drive and performance as the first sign of a hormone decline. Some men may not take full notice until they suffer from things like erectile dysfunction or ED. Testosterone replacement therapy, also popularly known as TRT, is an effective way to counter these symptoms and regain sexual vitality. Incredibly, however, 90% of men have never been tested or treated for hormonal imbalance or low testosterone, better known as “low T.”

Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or TRT, Uniquely Tailored to You

Evaluation at AgeWell begins with a thorough lab analysis BEFORE your first visit with a provider. This means we are able to begin treating the root cause of symptoms as soon as you have your first appointment with your provider. At this appointment, Dr. Amy Garza or Jennifer Soto, FNP, can discuss your unique situation and develop a personalized plan for treatment.

AgeWell offers patients a full range of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy options during the initial consult. Hormone pellet therapy remains our most popular option, and Dr. Garza is a certified pellet provider with exclusive training in administering this type of hormone therapy. TRT injection therapy is also widely chosen by our patients not interested in pellet therapy. Patients can choose from a variety of TRT treatment options, including oral dissolvable tablets, cream, nasal spray, and gel. It’s worth mentioning that no one method of TRT is a forever choice as you may choose to try different forms of replacement from time to time based on life circumstances. At AgeWell, we will help you navigate what is right for you.

Addressing general symptoms

Testosterone replacement therapy also addresses the more general symptoms of hormone imbalance, such as declining energy levels, loss of motivation and focus, poor sleep, weight gain, and loss of muscle tone with diminished performance in the gym. The hormone optimization programs at AgeWell address each of our patient’s individual needs and concerns. Combined with an optimized nutrition plan and exercise regimen, patients will notice remarkable differences in how they look and, most importantly, how they feel.

Male Hormone Optimization for All of the Signs of Aging

A decline in testosterone may be the first thing our male patients notice, but treating hormonal imbalance in men is not just limited to focusing on the sex hormone testosterone. Hormones such as DHEA, cortisol, thyroid, and vitamin D also play a part in men’s overall health. Our initial comprehensive lab evaluation, alongside a candid discussion in the office, allows us to identify which hormones need addressing for each individual patient.
At AgeWell we examine the entirety of a man’s health as he ages. By focusing on an individual patient’s specific lifestyle, medical history, labs, and well-being, we will tailor a hormone replacement therapy regimen that helps reverse the signs and symptoms of aging while restoring energy, focus, sexual vitality, and overall good health.
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