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Sexual Health

At AgeWell, We Treat the Whole Person.

Sexual Health | AgeWell

Sexual health is an important part of the whole person. It affects everyday life and impacts the physical, mental and social elements involved in health and overall well-being. When we age, our hormonal imbalances can cause our sexual libido and performance to wane or even cease altogether.

At this stage, it’s time to take a look at the underlying physical and psychological causes of male sexual health. Declining sexual health in men can be the result of physical conditions such as prostate health issues, weight/obesity, poor circulation, the side effects of medication, and diabetes among other causes. We know that in many cases the physical causes of diminished male sexual performance can be traced back to hormonal imbalance. In addition, as men age, circulatory systems often do not perform as well, further contributing to diminished sexual performance and erectile dysfunction or ED.

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PRP and Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help

Anti-aging doctor Amy Garza’s AgeWell practice uses the most comprehensive methods to address the root causes of diminished sexual health, and our patients are given access to a large number of treatment options. These include Pro-Pell bioidentical hormone pellet therapy, the P-Shot with platelet-rich plasma (or PRP), VibeMD sound wave therapy, as well as nutritional supplements and more.

Dr. Garza believes in spending sufficient time with each patient discussing the lifestyle, physical and psychological issues that contribute to lower sexual performance and ED. Dr. Garza believes that getting to know the whole person helps to determine the right treatment approach.

First, our patients have lab samples drawn prior to the consultation with Dr. Garza. This enables the doctor and staff at AgeWell to begin proper treatment the day of the first consultation, if appropriate. This expedited process enables patients to begin feeling more empowered in terms of their sexual health, right away.

Dr. Amy Garza and her staff work closely with all patients and our healthcare partners to provide the very best products and services for our patients. Improving and optimizing your total wellbeing, including your sexual health, is our utmost priority.

AgeWell Therapies Can Optimize Male Sexual Health

The highly effective anti-aging and sexual health therapies that we use at AgeWell can be implemented alone or in combination to address men’s sexual health issues. Many of the symptoms of diminished sexual health and ED can be reversed with treatments such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy pellets, vitamin and mineral supplements, VibeMD sound wave therapy, the P-Shot and other alternatives in combination.

In fact, a combination of tools is often used together to achieve optimal results for male sexual decline. For example, men have reported being amazed at the rapidity and long-lived results they have achieved using the P-Shot in conjunction with VibeMD sound wave therapy treatments.

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