P-Shot® with Platelet Rich Plasma has Proven Effectiveness

If you are an athlete, you may have heard about PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. PRP has long been utilized by sports doctors to treat orthopedic conditions including tendonitis, ligament and muscle strains, arthritis, joint pain, inflammation, and cartilage injuries. In recent years, PRP therapy has truly revolutionized the world of orthopedics and sports medicine by offering a non-invasive, highly effective way to ease pain while healing and rejuvenating injuries.

P-Shot® for Sexual Health and Age-Related Conditions

As in the sports medicine arena, PRP therapy is now being applied to address sexual health issues. The treatment, also known as the P-Shot®, shows great promise for patients with erectile concerns. At AgeWell, the P-Shot® is used to treat a number of sexual health and age-related conditions. The P-shot® has been used for treating ED in men with stunning results. It can be used in isolation as an injection in the penis as well as in conjunction with hormone pellet therapy, VibeMD sound wave therapy, and a vacuum erectile device (the Penis Pump). Often, men who have undergone this type of therapy using multifold methods and tools to treat ED have experienced results that very same day!

Isolating PRP for the P-Shot®

The process of administering the P-Shot® is relatively simple, making it a popular alternative to surgery and medications. The patient’s own blood is drawn and centrifuged with a special device resulting in the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that contains multiple growth factors. Once isolated, the PRP is prepared for injection.

The Priapus Shot Procedure

The growth factor-rich plasma that has been isolated will be injected into the site where the issue is occurring—in the case of ED, the penis. While this sounds somewhat unpleasant, patients have noted that with numbing agents, the process is fairly innocuous. Dr. Amy Garza is a board-certified anesthesiologist, and nitrous oxide is also available to all patients who undergo procedures that require numbing. This can significantly reduce any anxiety that might be associated with the process.

The platelet-rich plasma with growth factors, taken from the patient’s own body, stimulates healing at the injection site. This promotes the regeneration of tissue, blood vessels, and neurological network at and near the injection site.
The PRP procedure or P-Shot®, performed safely and conveniently at AgeWell, typically takes about an hour in total. The ease of the procedure enables patients to be up and active the very same day. Because PRP uses the patient’s own cells, the process reduces the possibility of negative side effects.

The use of a medical-grade vacuum erectile device as part of therapy in combination with the P-Shot® has been shown to optimize the results. After the P-Shot® is administered, the patient receives the penis pump to help give the nerves and blood vessels in the penis exposure to good blood flow. The pump works as it creates a vacuum around the penis, enabling the patient to achieve and maintain an erection. The achievement of erection after the P-Shot® serves to enliven the neural pathways and blood vessels in the penis. The penis pump is, therefore, a very important piece of the therapy for erectile dysfunction after a P-Shot®.

Combination Therapy for Male Sexual Health

The P-Shot® combined with VibeMD Soundwave Therapy is an ideal combination to improve male sexual health concerns including erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease.
Peyronie’s Disease is a condition in which scar tissue forms under the skin of the penis, causing an unnatural (and often painful) curvature of the penis during an erection. Patients with Peyronie’s Disease can safely undergo the P-Shot® and VibeMD Soundwave Therapy for a significant improvement of the disease. These procedures help increase circulation and tissue regeneration, as well as break down accumulated scar tissue, enabling the patient to achieve firmer, straighter, and pain-free erections. As with other conditions, men with Peyronie’s Disease benefit most by combining the P-Shot® and VibeMD Soundwave Therapy treatments together.


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