Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, Is Highly Effective in Treating Numerous Women’s Health Issues

You may have heard of the “O-Shot®” or Orgasm Shot for women as a highly effective shot that powers up a woman’s sexual response. But the science behind the O-Shot for women, Plasma Rich Platelet (or PRP), has been shown to help a number of other women’s health issues.

Dr. Charles Runels, MD, creator of the “Vampire Procedures” for facial anti-aging, also developed the O-Shot® for female genitalia. Each of these procedures uses PRP as its foundation. This natural, highly impactful therapy has helped women with diverse health issues ranging from urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness to postpartum vaginal pain and skin conditions of the female genitalia.

AgeWell is one of the first to Offer the O-Shot® in Amarillo

The O-Shot was initially developed to help with female sexual function because doctors found it helped rejuvenate the vaginal area and aided sexual response and orgasm. But in working with PRP therapy patients, they found that the O-Shot also helped with urinary incontinence. This very happy “side effect” of the O-Shot quickly became a popular therapy in itself. Dr. Garza believes that PRP therapy will become widely used to help with urinary incontinence for women of all ages and significantly improve many women’s lifestyles. Most stress incontinence issues are improved immediately after the procedure, while the sexual health benefits take weeks to evolve. In a word, the O-Shot® is revolutionary.

Like the other Vampire Procedures, the O-Shot® uses Platelet Rich Plasma to heal, reduce pain, increase circulation, and stimulate tissue growth. The O-Shot has been given to thousands of women across the United States and the world. Dr. Garza is currently one of only a few physicians in the Amarillo area certified to administer the O-Shot® developed by Dr. Charles Runels.

Benefits of the O-Shot®

Here’s a list of the ways that the O-Shot® and PRP therapy can help:
Elimination of stress urinary incontinence
Increased libido
Stronger orgasms
Greater frequency of orgasm
Reduced pain during intercourse
Increased lubrication

The O-Shot®, typified by a procedure in which PRP is injected into the upper vaginal canal and clitoris under local anesthesia, has been proven to increase women’s ability to achieve and have better orgasms. The O-Shot® also increases sexual desire and libido in women, with associated improvements in lubrication and comfort during sex. The O-Shot® has been shown to improve the sexual lives of post-menopausal women and younger women alike.

Benefits of PRP Therapy for Women’s Health

Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP therapy, the basis of the O-Shot®, has a number of applications for issues surrounding women’s health. These include some of the symptoms of menopause and issues related to childbirth, transvaginal mesh implants, and skin conditions of the female genitalia. PRP therapy is known to effectively treat:
Stress Urinary Incontinence
Dyspareunia, or painful intercourse
Chronic pain from traumatic childbirth (episiotomy scar tissue)
Chronic pain from transvaginal mesh implant
Genital skin conditions such as Lichen Sclerosis and Lichen Planus
PRP therapy, in the form of site-specific injections in and around the female genitalia, can reduce or eliminate urinary incontinence, menopause symptoms, and pain. It can also regenerate tissue and lead to greater overall health and sensation.
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