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Treatment for Urinary Incontinence

The involuntary loss of urine or Urinary Incontinence (UI) is an extremely common occurrence in women of all ages, and it may surprise readers to know that around 20% of women in their 20s experience stress urinary incontinence. In fact, incontinence is twice as common in women as in men. Pregnancy and vaginal birth, menopause, and the structure of the female urinary tract system are all factors that can contribute to urinary incontinence.

The good news is that some types of incontinence are manageable for women of all ages, without drugs or surgery. Specifically, stress urinary incontinence and mixed incontinence can be addressed with new technologies like Votiva and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, like the O-Shot®. PRP therapy has been found to reduce stress incontinence symptoms in women, and PRP therapy for UI is available at Dr. Amy Garza’s AgeWell practice in Amarillo, Texas.

Because there are several different types of urinary incontinence, AgeWell patients are given a thorough evaluation to determine the type of incontinence issues they have.  Although PRP therapy is particularly effective in reducing and eliminating the symptoms of stress incontinence. Many women with urge incontinence benefit as well.

PRP therapy for management of incontinence is safe and natural and does not involve additional medication or surgery. A site-specific shot of PRP is administered to the front wall of the vagina near the urethra. This causes the area to regenerate and increase in thickness and strength, helping to manipulate the urethra, effectively reducing stress incontinence. This treatment is far less invasive than surgery and often remedies incontinence for years. Often, PRP therapy may need to be repeated to continue the process of building up the tissue wall, but this natural procedure is safe, with extremely low complication rates and requires little to no recuperation time.

In addition to the O-Shot with PRP Votiva offers gentle feminine rejuvenation with remarkable results for women who suffer from urinary incontinence along with vaginal laxity or feminine intimacy issues. Votiva is gentle radiofrequency heating of the internal and external vaginal tissues which causes tissue regeneration.  Women report significant improvement with no medications and no downtime.

Patients interested in determining whether PRP therapy or Votiva is right for them may contact the AgeWell practice. Dr. Garza will help determine whether you are a good candidate for these procedures. Some patients may require more extensive treatments, medications and/or surgery, but for many, Votiva and PRP therapy is an excellent way to remedy incontinence.

Contact us to find out more about whether PRP therapy for urinary incontinence is right for you.

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