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Cliovana FAQs

How does Cliovana work?

By the direct application of low-intensity sound waves, Cliovana regenerates and repairs the sensitive tissues of the clitoris. The mild shear stress from sound wave therapy causes the body to release biological factors which permit existing vessels to receive more blood. Additionally, the body creates new blood vessels and nerves leading to improved blood flow and sensation in the clitoris. Sexual performance is naturally enhanced due to an increase in blood flow and nerve sensation.

What are the possible benefits of Cliovana Therapy?

❖ Improved sensitivity for better orgasm

❖ Increased intensity of orgasms

❖ Decreased recovery time between orgasms

❖ Increased frequency of orgasms

❖ No downtime after treatment

Who is a candidate for Cliovana?

It is common for women to experience declining sexual performance as they age; however, many women are unable to experience quality orgasms at any age.  Whether you are a woman who desires a change in orgasm quality, quantity, or frequency, or you simply want to maintain orgasm quality, you are a candidate for Cliovana.

Why haven’t I heard of this treatment before?

Until recently, sound wave therapy has been used as a treatment primarily for men’s sexual health issues. Doctors in Europe have been effectively using extracorporeal shock wave therapy/sound wave therapy for the past two decades in men for erectile quality. This safe, non-surgical, painless, in-office treatment later became available in the US  and is featured on top media outlets such as Men’s Health and Fox News.  Cliovana is the first to bring this successful treatment to women and AgeWell is proud to offer Cliovana to our patients.  At AgeWell, we have used this same technology very successfully for our male patients and couldn’t be happier to have a part in changing women’s lives and marriages as well.

Has the therapy ever been proven to work?  

Soundwave therapies have been used successfully for years to treat conditions over the entire body. The science of over 40 clinical studies supports the effectiveness of the sound wave protocols in improving sexual health.  We have many successes within our practice at AgeWell in both women and men alike.  

How is Cliovana different from other women’s sexual health procedures?

Cliovana is the first device dedicated solely to improving orgasm quality, quantity, and frequency by treating the clitoris directly via soundwaves.  The clitoris has many more nerve fibers than the penis and becomes erect just like this penis, and medicine has long been addressing these issues in men.  Finally, we are closing the pleasure gap and directly treating the female genitals to cause improvement in both aspects of a woman’s sexual response.  Sexual intimacy is an important part of a healhty marriage and better sex very often leads to better a marriage.

What can I expect from the treatment?  Is Cliovana painful?

The Cliovana treatment is best done as a series of four separate appointments spaced over 2-4 weeks.  The entire procedure is performed externally with no need to be in stirrups! There is no pain and no downtime involved, and after the 10-minute procedure you can return to your regular day with no special arrangements required.

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Cliovana FAQs

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