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ED Treatment

VibeMD is the Solution for Better Sexual Health

Men as young as 30 can start to notice a decline in sexual function or performance.  By the time a man turns 50, studies show up to half will experience some level of diminished erectile function. In fact, MOST men experience some degree of diminished erectile quality or erectile dysfunction (also known as ED) during their lifetime. VibeMD uses low-intensity sound waves to improve the quality of erections, increase blood flow to the penis, increase sensitivity and enhance sexual performance for men of all ages.

VibeMD produces significant results because it gets to the root of the underlying physical causes of ED—loss of sensitivity and reduced blood flow to the penis—not just the symptoms.

There are many contributing factors when it comes to a decline in erection quality.  We know that sometimes the cause of ED is related to a man’s age and overall health. Older men, those with diabetes, who are overweight, or have heart or circulatory problems often suffer from ED. Psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety and relationship issues can also contribute to erectile dysfunction.  VibeMD can help.

Treating the Cause of ED, Not Just the Symptoms

VibeMD is a safe and pain-free treatment that is administered in a relaxed setting in the AgeWell office. Low-intensity sound waves, also known in the medical world as ESWT or Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy, are applied to the penis and surrounding areas. These sound waves produce a pulse-like feeling that elicits significant mechanical and chemical responses in the body.

The sound waves break up microplaque in the blood vessels of the penis, as well as stimulating nerve regrowth. This leads to increased sensitivity and blood flow, both of which greatly contribute to the ability to achieve and maintain an erection. Additionally, a substance called nitric oxide is released into the tissues.  Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to dilate which enhances blood flow to the penis creating a better erection. 


Many healthy patients report a dramatically increased sexual response on the day of their first treatment.

Boost Confidence with Improved Sexual Health

ED can cause men to experience a loss of confidence. Our patients report a boost in confidence, often immediately following their first treatment. VibeMD treatments and confidence have a cumulative effect. Often the loss of confidence brought on by diminished sexual performance can negatively impact a man’s ability to achieve healthy erections. Most patients undergoing VibeMD treatments report that after each treatment sexual response comes more naturally and erections are easier to attain and maintain. VibeMD therapy also results in quicker recovery time between orgasms.  While some men do notice the effects right away, the majority of the nerve and vessel changes that occur at the deeper level take 3 weeks to 3 months to fully take place.

VibeMD is a Long Lasting Treatment for ED.


Instead of treating just the surface symptoms of ED by taking a pill that has no positive, lasting effects, men can now undergo this safe, painless treatment and experience significant and lasting results. Men typically get six VibeMD treatments spread out over 3-6 weeks.

ED and Men’s Health

At Dr. Amy Garza’s anti-aging and sexual health practice, we have the most cutting-edge tools to treat ED today. Men who utilize multimodal therapies have experienced results that are nothing short of amazing.

Administration of VibeMD, either alone or in conjunction with the P-Shot®, a penis pump, prescription medicines, and hormone therapy has produced overwhelmingly positive results for men of a wide range of ages and various states of health. Addressing the health issues that contributed to ED in the first place is also a critical part of the AgeWell practice. Dr. Garza helps guide patients through the process of attaining a better overall health profile in order to attain and maintain better sexual health.

Don’t have ED?

Men without true erectile dysfunction can still benefit from VibeMD therapy.  Younger patients are seeing improvement in not only erection quality, but in stamina, strength and the recovery time between orgasms.  If you experience any of the following you can benefit from VibeMD treatment:


  • occasional loss of erection hardness
  • struggle to maintain lasting erection
  • takes a little more time on occasion to get a full erection
  • less frequent nocturnal erections
  • less frequent morning erections

The Benefits of VibeMD and Hormone Therapy

VibeMD therapy is administered to patients over several weeks, often in conjunction with hormone therapy for diminishing testosterone levels.  The results are much longer lasting than ED pills because therapy with VibeMD is actually stimulating new vascular and nerve growth. Studies have shown that low-intensity sound wave treatments such as VibeMD can stimulate results that last up to two years. That’s a lot of money saved on medication that only treats the surface symptoms of ED!

VibeMD May Reverse the Symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease is a condition in which scar tissue forms under the skin of the penis, causing an unnatural (and often painful) curvature of the penis during erection. Patients with Peyronie’s Disease can safely undergo the P-Shot®  (PRP Therapy) along with VibeMD for a complete reversal of the disease. The pain-free, nonsurgical PRP and VibeMD procedures help increase circulation and tissue regeneration, as well as break down accumulated scar tissue, enabling the patient to achieve firmer, straighter and pain-free erections. Men with Peyronie’s Disease benefit most by combining the P-Shot® and VibeMD therapies together.

Will it hurt?

You can relax, Dr. Amy Garza is a board-certified anesthesiologist and nitrous oxide is available to all patients who undergo procedures at AgeWell. This can significantly reduce any anxiety that might be associated with the process.

Contact us at the AgeWell office for more information or to make an appointment with doctor Amy Garza.

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