Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing Provides Important Health Information

Anti-aging doctor Dr. Amy Garza and AgeWell bring truly personalized healthcare to the Amarillo area. And with personalized medicine comes the ability to learn a lot about our patient’s specific determinants of present and future health. Genetic testing can be an important piece of determining the root causes of many conditions that we experience as we age.

When uncovering could be leading to hormonal imbalance or age-related health decline, sometimes it can be critical to know about the dynamics of our genes.

Genetic Testing Helps Fight the Signs of Aging

Genes hold all of our biological characteristics, as well as controlling the growth and development of the cells in the body. Genes control not only our physical traits, but also our risk of developing certain diseases and conditions. Changes in the genetic makeup, the nucleotides, can cause a variety of defects as well as a decline in certain system functions and hormonal imbalance. Therefore, when it comes to treating the symptoms of aging with hormone replacement therapy and even supplements, it is important to have a clear picture of the patient’s genetic makeup. Genetic testing can be a very important step in the administration of anti-aging tools such as vitamin and mineral supplements and bioidentical hormone replacement pellets such as Pro-Pell.

Variations in our genetic sequences can have a major impact on whether or not we develop certain diseases, how we metabolize food, and how we react to nutrition. These variations can even impact the body’s acceptance, absorption or reaction to hormones.


Genes react to inputs from our nutrition, activity and other lifestyle factors. If a body is under chronic stress and experiences high levels of inflammation, the genes react in kind with overproduction of stress hormones, inflammatory material and high energy requirements, leading to increased free radical damage.


At AgeWell, if the patient chooses genetic testing, micro-level personalized medicine is part of our approach. Understanding a patient’s unique genetic code helps us to optimize the course of treatment, and facilitate the best results. This means eliminating unwanted symptoms for good.

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