What Is BOTOX®?

Botox is one of the most popular nonsurgical aesthetic treatments year after year.  Although most people have heard of Botox® Cosmetic, not everyone knows how the product works. Botox® Cosmetic is an injectable remedy for wrinkles that requires several days to take effect. It’s active ingredient, called botulinum toxin type A, is used to temporarily relax the muscles that cause wrinkles in the face. These wrinkles are exacerbated by facial movement and therefore can be minimized by relaxing specific muscles in the face, especially the ones that create creases between the brows, forehead lines and, crow’s feet.


Botox® Cosmetic is approved by the FDA for several aesthetic uses and is also used in other areas of medicine to treat conditions including migraine headaches, excessive sweating and, overactive bladder.


Our goal with your Botox® Cosmetic treatment is for you to look refreshed and rejuvenated, but still completely natural.


Dr. Garza uses a tiny needle to make your injections, which are placed in the target areas determined during your consultation. A topical numbing cream may be used prior to treatment, but most women and men don’t need this added step. The procedure typically takes about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your specific needs.


After your Botox® Cosmetic treatment is complete, you will be free to return to most everyday activities. While you may experience some slight redness and swelling, this will subside within the next few hours to days. Over the next few days, you will notice an improvement in your skin, which will continue over the subsequent weeks. While every patient is unique, Botox® Cosmetic patients can typically enjoy their natural, beautiful results for about 3 to 4 mon. Many of our Botox® Cosmetic patients find that regularly scheduled treatments produce prolonged results, and they are able to go longer between Botox® appointments. We like to see our patients about every 3 months or so in order to proactively manage all of their skin care needs.


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