Body Composition Analysis

For years, the only tool used to measure obesity, the BMI or Body Mass Index, calculated the ratio of a person’s weight and height. While the BMI has some advantages in the public health realm, it has some major limitations when it comes to your individual health profile as a patient.  The somewhat outdated BMI tells us nothing about the ratio of fat to muscle in the body, and does not indicate how and where that fat is stored. These are critical pieces of information that are often key to determining how to fight the symptoms of aging, hormone imbalance, and osteoporosis.

Body Composition Analysis: More Detailed and Beneficial

Enter the Body Composition Analysis or BCA. Technically, the definition of BCA is “the process of examining the human body to determine the percentage of body fat compared with muscle tissue,” but there are so many other benefits to this measurement. The BCA has now surpassed the BMI with not only physicians and medical professionals, but with trainers, coaches and researchers as well. By analyzing your body composition you acquire your body density as well as learning exactly how fat is stored in your body, and where. This can give doctors a wealth of information about patient health and healthcare needs, far beyond a simple weight or BMW measurement. Anti-aging doctor Dr. Amy Garza uses the BCA as a comprehensive tool to help patients from a holistic treatment perspective.

The BCA also provides information on muscle mass, body water, even body density, a determinant of osteoporosis. BCA results can indicate serious health risks, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hormonal imbalance. These conditions are all affected by, and possibly caused by high stores of fat, and low muscle mass.

Dr. Amy Garza uses Seca Body Composition Analysis at her Amarillo, Texas practice. Not only do we use BCA to inform our patients about body fat and muscle ratios, but we use them to formulate a guide for planning a health and exercise routine personalized to your specific body composition. This routine can also be coupled with bioidentical hormone replacement therapies, supplements and other treatments. BCA helps us deliver the most personalized health care possible to our patients.

BCA is Available at Anti-Aging Center AgeWell


There are myriad benefits to having a BCA done at AgeWell, the premiere anti-aging and sexual health practice in Amarillo, Texas. After getting a BCA at AgeWell, Dr. Garza and her patients can:

  1. Devise a personalized plan of fat loss and muscle gain that focuses on the areas of the body in most need of work
  2. Learn about and analyze the risk for osteoporosis
  3. Identify and address specific long-term health risks

Dr. Garza and AgeWell can help patients customize their diet and exercise routine while building muscle and losing fat. Patients at risk for diabetes, heart disease or osteoporosis can begin a regimen of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and nutritional supplements that actually can reverse the onset of the condition.