BHRT Women

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Natural or Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) in women involves using hormones that are identical from a molecular perspective to the hormones that the female body secretes.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy has been found to have extremely effective results in treating the symptoms of aging and menopause in women.

The fact that this treatment compound exactly mirrors the hormones made in the patient’s body is the reason bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is considered to be the safest, most natural and most effective type of female hormone replacement therapy.

Most all women experience some symptoms of menopause, which can begin impacting their lives and sexual health as early as their mid-30s. Generally, by the age of 50, most women have experienced some degree of menopausal or peri-menopausal symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance. The first things most women tend to notice is a change in sleep habits, mood changes, foggy thinking and vasomotor symptoms, also known as “hot flashes.”

The loss of estrogen actually affects the entire female body. This is why the symptoms of menopause range widely and include:

  • decreased libido
  • vaginal dryness
  • pain during sex
  • weight gain
  • loss of muscle mass
  • loss of energy and tired feeling
  • osteoporosis
  • depression
  • and more…

The BHRT Treatment Process for Women

Testing for the occurrence of hormonal imbalance in female patients is extremely important, and it is a critical part of the process of determining whether a patient is a good candidate for BHRT. That is why at AgeWell, patients undergo thorough lab evaluations prior to having their first office consultation with age management doctor Amy Garza. This enables the doctor, along with an in-office patient interview, to interpret the patient’s degree of hormonal imbalance, and to determine the optimal treatment. Often, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, along with supplements and a regimen of diet and exercise, is the optimal treatment.


BHRT is a safe, drug-free and completely natural way to address hormonal imbalance in women.


BHRT can be safely administered in Dr. Garza’s office, often on the same day as the initial consultation. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can effectively ameliorate hormonal imbalance and menopausal and peri-menopausal symptoms.

AgeWell Is The First Licensed Pro-Pell Provider in the Amarillo, Texas Area

Dr. Garza may recommend bio-identical hormone pellet therapy in the form of a highly effective BHRT product, Pro-Pell. Pro-Pellet hormone pellet therapy is formulated based upon a woman’s exact hormonal chemistry, and is considered to be the top quality hormone pellet therapy product available today. Dr. Garza is the very first licensed and certified Pro-Pell provider in the Amarillo, Texas area.


During the process, Pro-Pellets are inserted into the patient’s fatty gluteal tissue. Pro-Pellets time-release formulation safely and slowly releases the therapeutic hormones into the body. This enables the body to slowly regain its natural balance of hormones. A more detailed description of the advantages of Pro-Pell can be found on our website. Click here to read more about Pro-Pell treatment at the AgeWell clinic in Amarillo, Texas.

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Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy enables women experiencing the negative symptoms of menopause to feel more energetic, more sexually vibrant, pain-free and healthier overall. Contact us to learn more about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy or to make an appointment with anti-aging doctor Amy Garza, MD.