Our Mission

AgeWell provides personalized medical care and education for patients desiring to reach their fullest potential in health through hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Garza and her staff work closely alongside each patient to prevent, reverse, treat and manage hormone imbalance issues and lifestyle-related diseases that occur with age.  Our goal is to optimize patient health in an effort to add years to your life and life to your years.

Our Values and Principles

Dr. Garza and AgeWell believe in developing close, long-term relationships with our patients. The following principals guide us in providing the best possible care to all of our patients.

  • Our patients deserve excellence.
  • Our patients deserve commitment.
  • Our patients deserve honesty and integrity.
  • Our patients’ time is valuable.
  • Our patients’ health is priceless.

Our Doctor

As a working mother of four teenagers, Dr. Garza has firsthand knowledge of the toll that aging can have on the body. Dr. Garza is certified in Age Management Medicine, with a thorough knowledge of the practices of that discipline, including the spectrum of hormone replacement therapies that are available. Most importantly, as a patient receiving bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Garza has an intimate understanding of the positive impact of this treatment, and what a difference hormone optimization can make in a person’s life. She is wholly committed to excellent patient care, while honoring each individual as unique, with his/her own personal goals and needs.

Dr. Garza is a Texas native who received her medical degree in 1999 from University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio. After completing anesthesia training at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, she moved back to Texas in 2005 where she practiced as a board-certified anesthesiologist. While raising a family of four and gaining her personal experience with hormone optimization, Dr. Garza committed to her passion of approaching medicine through preventative, proactive measures, and opened the AgeWell practice. She is certified through the Age Management Medicine Group, and is an active member in the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

At AgeWell, Dr. Garza helps patients reap the benefits of natural hormone therapy and alternative approaches to health. Dr. Garza is a passionate advocate of the holistic approach to personal health and aging, including sound nutrition and an active lifestyle.