What is happening to me?!

Around 35-45 years old, many women start experiencing hormonal shifts that can rock their world. Sadly, most doctors don’t understand that the new onset of anxiety, insomnia, depression, heavy periods, loss of sex drive, headaches, night sweats, and more can simply be due to a drop in progesterone levels that starts in very early perimenopause.


Symptoms of perimenopause

  • New onset anxiety or depression
  • Insomnia or trouble sleeping
  • Low libido or loss of interest in sex
  • Hot flashes
  • Heavier periods
  • Irritability or moodiness
  • Feelings of “blah” and a lack of motivation
  • So many more!

What is perimenopause?

The term “peri” means around and “menopause” is defined as one year with no periods. This means that perimenopause is simply the time surrounding a woman’s last period. For some women, this is a couple of years, while for others it can last as long as a decade! But this doesn’t mean you are destined to feel confused and out of sorts for all of that time. Understanding perimenopause and its timeline affords us the opportunity to make this transition in stride and set you up for success. The transition from reproductive levels of hormones to lower levels can be eased with a combination of hormonal replenishment and lifestyle modifications.

Unfortunately, most doctors don’t truly understand the hormonal volatility that is happening in a women’s body during the early thirties thru fifties. As a result, many women get started on antidepressants, anxiety medicines, and sleeping pills as symptom bandaids during this stage. At AgeWell we want to help you identify the underlying root cause for the symptoms you are having and if it is due to hormonal changes, we want to help you safely replace that hormone with what your body was previously making. Bioidentical hormones are human identical. This means that the hormones we prescribe are chemically identical to what your body was producing when it was making sufficient quantities. This is great news!

You aren’t alone AND you’re not crazy

Our patients often state that they no longer feel like themselves; they feel unrecognizable. If this sounds like you, know that what you are going through is typical for this stage of life. This, however, is not acceptable–we can improve your quality of life. How exciting is that? Contact us today to discuss your symptoms and get started with a treatment plan and start feeling like yourself again.


You deserve a body you feel good in.

1. Get your labs drawn

We start by understanding what’s really going on in your body and why it’s causing what you’re experiencing.


2. Start your wellness journey

You’ll spend an hour sharing your concerns with your provider, and walk away with an immediate plan of action & support.

3. Like the way you feel

Enjoy confidence, energy,
and vitality as you age well.